Below  is a red fox cub close to weaning age traipsing across Jazz's field.
Every summer we have a new den of fox cubs to watch as they catch grasshoppers and bugs in the field at dusk.

This is several years ago, I had hacked cross country to "The Barracks"  horse show.  I'm just arriving and I saw some friends who took our picture.  On our way to the show we ran into The Farmington Hunt out for a day of  hunting.  We had to take the long way around  so as not to disrupt the hunt.


Here we are cleaned up and in the show ring.  It was just a local show so no riding jacket was required.

This was the Orange Hunt Team Chase which is held in the fall at The Plains, Virginia. Teams of  three and four run over a two to three mile course with 22-25 jumps.  This particular year we won 2nd place in the Optimum Time Category.  Our team is Chris Middleton on ?,  Carolyn Chapman on Chelsea, and Paula Falk on  Jazz.
Here's a picture of Jazz and me from the year before at the Orange Hunt Team Chase.  It's always a fun beautiful time in the crisp fall air.