Bosse and Stella Christmas Day, 1998
Bosse is 1 year 7 months and Stella is 10 months old. They get along great, Bosse lets Stella run the show, opting for distractions to steal from Stella.  Stella just runs right up and takes what ever she wants from Bosse, and Stella wants what ever Bosse has!

This is Bosse with his new winter sheet on.  The excellent pose is because there is a
shhh...  a   S  Q  U  I  R  R  E  L in the tree that is just out of the picture frame.
The picture on the right  shows Bosse and Stella in their turnout rugs. They are in the process of turning each other out of the rugs!   (Bosse is modeling the Blue with tan trim and Stella is in the gray with red trim.)

Here are Stella and Bosse's Formal Portraits.  Stella wanted to be more formal so she decided to stand.  Bosse loves to pose for the camera, no shy guy here!

Here I am with Stella AKA Princess.  She so tirrrrerrrrdddddd.